Wildscreen 2006: Breaking out of the box

I've just finished presenting at Wildscreen 2006 in a session titled "breaking out of the box". I was speaking as a natural history consumer who watches TV without the need for a TV, and as a producer who doesn't need broadcasters to reach his audience. The talk emphasised some of the most significant ways people are downloading video content from the web.

I also ran a live demonstration with big help from Tom Widd and Luke Barnett to produce a film from start to finish in 1 hour, filming, editing, posting it to the web as a flash player, as a podcast on iTunes and as bittorrent file on torrentspy.com

Vox pops were filmed outside the session by Anna from Forbidden Technologies and were then sent into our edit from the remote OB location through the Forscene platform. Unfortunately we were just a little out of time so we didn't manage to get the vox pops in the final cut but at least we got something online and ready to premiere at the end of the session.

The music for the film was selected during the event by a member of the audience from www.audiolicense.net.

Please visit the Wildscreen Blog that I created to host this film: http://wildscreen.blogspot.com

Below is the final edit of Bugz including the vox pops - only a few minutes more and this is the version we would have produced.

With big thanks to Liz and Anna from Forbidden Technologies, Tom Widd and Luke Barnett.
I will post my presentation here as soon as I can.

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