World on the Move Radio Report from Delaware

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Visit the BBC World on the Move site for more from Delaware and the migration of the Red Knots.

Listen to this edition of the World on the Move for our report from Delaware on the migration of the Red Knots. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/worldonthemove/programmes/programme-19/

Programme Summary:
It's Midsummer and we're at something of a turning point in the natural world. Following the launch of our Gardenwatch, House Martin and Garden Moth surveys last week, Philippa and Brett discuss some of your sightings. John Altringham is down in the cemetery with the Daubenton's Bats, we take another look at Cuckoos and we have a special report from Delaware Bay in Washington State, US where Red Knots have been feasting on Horseshoe Crabs.

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