Timewatch - Stonehenge


"You've heard the news coverage...you've read the press coverage...and millions of you watched the dig live on-line. Now Timewatch reveals the results of the dig that has changed the way we see Stonehenge...."

Around two years ago Timewatch set out to investigate a radical new theory that Stonehenge, far from being a place of burial as is commonly assumed, was in fact a place of healing - a Bronze Age Lourdes. Two of Britain's world-renowned experts on Stonehenge - Professors Tim Darvill and Geoff Wainwright believe they have finally unlocked the mystery of the monument.

“When we look back over the results, it’s hard to imagine that we could have got so much out of such a small area,” says Professor Darvill. “We’ve actually managed to re-write whole sections of Stonehenge’s history from those very small excavations.”

The journey took in forensic testing of bones excavated over the past decades, and hard-won permission for the first dig in 50 years at the Henge. So - does the theory of the healing stones bear up to modern day forensic science?

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