Wild About Your Garden - Milton Keynes

Thursday, 18 December, 8pm BBC ONE
Episode 5/6: Bumble Bees, Honey Bees and Robins

The ‘Wild About Your Garden’ team are in Milton Keynes, home to the Gibbons family. Builder Pete’s idea of gardening is to bring in a JCB and a blow torch. His meddling has managed to cause nigh-on irreparable damage to the family’s garden, much to wife Anne’s despair. Their teenage son Andrew wants wildlife but the only thing visible from the kitchen window is the family’s huge dogs.

Dad Pete has to stand by as Nick Knowles and the team strip out all of his building ‘projects’ in order to transform this ‘junkyard with rats’ into a wildlife haven. Before anything can grow in this urban wasteland, Designer Chris Beardshaw must perform a minor miracle to make the soil fertile enough to plant anything at all. Wildlife buff Ellie Harrison wants to help dangerously declining bumble and honey bee populations and offer one of our favourite garden birds a place to call home. It’s a massive task but somehow even the dogs end up doing their bit to help.

Will be shown in Scotland on 30.12.08 at 18.30

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