The Natural World: Iron Curtain Ribbon of Life

8PM 6th March 2009
When communism crumbled in 1989 it created an opportunity for wildlife. The Iron Curtain that divided communist Eastern Europe from the capitalist West had created a no-man's land protected by barbed wire and minefields - a last haven for many rare animals and plants. This film tells the story of the movement, led by Biologist Dr Kai Frobel, that set out to save the wildlife of this precious strip. Now as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain we can also celebrate the birth of the biggest conservation movement in the world, a ribbon of life stretching 13,000 kilometres across Europe, protecting everything from bears and wolverines in Finland to rare Eagles in Bulgaria.
Produced by Paul Reddish
Series Editor Tim Martin

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  1. I watched that episode on Saturday and I was amazed. Somethig so fascinating, I can't believe!! Great finding, all support to all the the people who are involved in project Ribbon of Life.