Life in Cold Blood wins Bafta

48 years since his first win,
Sir David Attenborough added another Bafta to his cabinet. Attenborough won his third individual award, the specialist factual Bafta for his BBC1 documentary programme about reptiles and amphibians, Life in Cold Blood.

Sir David took to the stage after an excerpt from Life in Cold Blood showed a pair of copulating tortoises. "Thanks go to spitting cobras, axolotls, golden frogs, dwarf chameleons, those happy tortoises," Attenborough said. "This Bafta was won not by me or them but by the production team. I have got the best job going and to go around the world and see all those marvelous things is more than anyone could wish for."

A month shy of his 83rd birthday, the broadcaster has no plans to slow down. Asked if he was considering retirement, Sir David replied: "No, certainly not. I'm going off to the Antarctic next, at the end of the year, to look at penguins and that sort of thing - and icebergs, if they're still there."

The Nominees:
Specialist Factual:Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery
Claudia Lewis, Kim Shillinglaw
BBC Four/BBC Productions
Life in Cold Blood
Production Team
BBC One/BBC Productions
Lost Land of the Jaguar
Production Team
BBC One/BBC Productions
Stephen Fry & the Gutenberg Press: The Machine That Made Us
Stephen Fry, Patrick McGrady, Lucy Ward, Philip Crocker
BBC Four/Wavelength Films

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