Steve Backshall (and his muscles) are back with Deadly 60

DEADLY 60, starts Thursday 28th May at 5:15pm on CBBC.

STEVE Backshall is back … in his most daring adventure to date. He’s travelling six continents to find his Deadly 60. A journey to find the creatures that others spend a life time avoiding! (Is Backshall doing a bit of an Irwin?)

...and in case you'd miss the subtleties of this macho-fest he'll probably also be taking his shirt off every few minutes to give you a gym-pumped muscle shot.


  1. Funny! Lol. Does he do anything other than flash his man pecs? Cute smile but I think he spends too much time down the gym.

  2. ChillB11:58 AM

    This'll be GREAT :o) Telly needs ACTION and this looks AWESOME>> Can't wait. ChillB

  3. Anonymous7:55 AM

    He knows what he's talking about and has a great body so why bitch about him?

  4. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Great series...He does take his shirt off a bit too much, but when you get past that he is fantastic with the animals, enthusiastic and knowledgable. The best thing about this series is that there is no false jeopardy or patronising editing ( unlike the 'Lost Land of the Jaguar' series where they tell you they are on their own and then cut a shot of them all from a helicopter .) everything is real and because of the style you really feel part of the action.

  5. Anonymous12:59 PM

    He has an amazing body, what a guy and if I had a body like that I would have my pecs, biceps and eight pack out at every opportunity. I am surprised he doesn't flex a bit more. Come on Steve give us a bicep or pec flex.

  6. Anonymous3:37 AM

    omg i rate stevie boys muscles 5***** he's superman in disguise he's so sexy wow he's a hunk and a total babe

  7. Anonymous4:26 PM

    when are you coming back to liverpool missing you already