VIDEO: Why did the Chameleon cross the road?

From www.ironammonite.com

To get to the forest on the other side ofcourse...

As we drove through BR Hills Nature Reserve we noticed this beautiful chameleon crossing the road. Usually elusive it stood out against the road surface. Chamaeleo zeylanicus is South India's only Chameleon and it was a real privilege to get up close and personal to help it across the road.


  1. ChrisG8:01 PM

    What a find. Beautiful - nice work Paul. More, more more!!

  2. Samad Kottur1:42 PM

    Nice video Paul. Generally female chameleon comes down the trees during monsoon for laying eggs on the ground. In south India the chameleon is much feared for it would release a "poisonous gas" and those who inhale it would die and another blind belief is that the reptile is used for "poisoning" the enemies through food. Hence people kill this innocent beauty the moment they see it.
    But it is so nice and harmless animal. Whenever I find this reptile, I take it on my palm and show the people and students that it is harmless and pass it to them so as to shed their fear off.
    Samad Kottur

  3. Dishi6:19 AM

    Wow. Now that's not something you see everyday!