The Natural World: Andrea, Queen of the Mantas

Tonight BBC 2, 8PM & BBC HD,10PM

Manta rays are one of the most intelligent creatures in the ocean and, at up to seven metres long, one of the largest. Yet, despite their size and curious nature, almost nothing is known about their lives. Young marine biologist, Andrea Marshall, has given up everything for a life in Mozambique, diving amongst these beautiful animals. Superb underwater photography reveals new manta ray behaviour including breathtaking footage of their ritual courtship dances. The film follows Andrea as she studies these endangered animals up close. With the discovery of a giant new species and remarkable insights into mantas' secretive lives, Andrea's findings are already rocking the world of marine biology.

“These huge, strangely beautiful, highly intelligent and fascinating fish certainly make for soothing viewing.” Daily Mail

Produced and directed by MARK WOODWARD
Series Editor TIM MARTIN


  1. Andrea is HOTTTTT!!!

  2. Jumping into the sea near Sipadan with our dive instructor to swim with the mantas was one of the most memorable moments of my life. They brushed past us, deliberately avoiding us with their powerful wings, protecting us from danger. There are few sights so graceful. Enough to make you take up marine biology, even towards the end of your career. Would love to see this programme.