The Forgotten Kingdom - A Bioblitz Adventure

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Searching for the strange life forms that lurk in the dark, damp places of Blaise Castle estate, Bristol. A Bioblitz adventure in Fungi by Paul Williams & Donna Dixon.

Although expectations were low due to the late spring and recent dryness, 19 species were discovered including Puffballs, Earth Stars, Brackets, Slime molds & Oyster Mushrooms… yum, yum.

Filmed as part of the live media from Bioblitz Bristol 2010. Visit the Bioblitz Blog.

A beautiful Oyster Mushroom, Photo by Donna Dixon

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  1. I love fungi, so many colour and shape variations! I remember seeing a Puffball for the first time not long after I came down to Somerset and I was a bit worried at first cos I thought it looked like a massive spider's egg sack! Haha.

    Fungi were the first things I tested my Sigma lenses on - I used this one for my business card.