BBC Wild Night In: YOUR chance to help Save Wildlife

It's the 'BBC Wild Night In' on Sunday night, BBC Two. This is your chance to do something positive for wildlife and to help organisations who are working to save some of the planets most endagered species.

Here's a few things you can do right now...

Bid for 'money can't buy' items like the Springwatch sofa or a Wildlife Walk with BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine in the Wild Auction. This will take you to the charity auction section of eBay. The BBC Wildlife Fund will receive 100% of the proceeds.

 You could own the Springwatch Sofa!
The BBC Wildlife Fund's official single is available to download now!
'Sunchyme 2010' by Dario G will help raise funds for the BBC Wildlife Fund appeal this year.
40p or more from the sale of this single will be donated to the BBC Wildlife Fund so why delay, get your dancing shoes on and get down to Dario G's 'Sunchyme 2010' 

Tell your friends, Twitter, email, spread the word. Use the official Facebook App - Do you have more friends than there are Tigers in the wild?

Why should YOU help...
Click here to watch a short film & find out more. 

From the BBC Wildlife Finder:
"One third of known species are under threat - do they have more than a future on film? We've unearthed footage of some remarkable animals, plants and habitats that are facing an imminent threat to their survival. The unique selling point of our planet is life. From the deepest trenches of the Pacific Ocean to Africa’s inhospitable deserts, it has demonstrated a knack for hanging on in there. However, the challenges for many species now seem to be too great. Watch, before they fade out."

Sir David Attenborough holds an image of a Panamanian golden frog, now thought to be extinct in the wild.
The BBC filmed these frogs in 2007 for Life in Cold Blood. Soon after filming, the chytrid fungus (which kills amphibians) was discovered in the area. In order to keep these frogs safe from the fungus, scientists removed them from the wild. For the time being the frogs live in captivity.


  1. are u still looking 4 black foxes? i saw one last night18/19/06/10 on the a31 a332 juc

  2. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Why if you are protecting wildlife are you filming from a Zoo? Very confused and do not agree with wild animals in captivity in anyway.