The Natural World: The Monkey Eating Eagle of the Orinoco

7 pm, BBC 2, 8th July 2010

copyright: BBC

The Harpy Eagle is the most powerful bird of prey in the world, plucking monkeys from the branches of the jungle canopy.  Rare and  elusive they are seldom seen but with the discovery of a Harpy nest in the remote Orinoco rainforest of Venezuela , wildlife film-maker Fergus Beeley has a unique opportunity to follow the life of a chick from birth to adulthood . Fergus ascends high into the canopy revealing a stunning world of colour and sound, and follows the trials of the harpy eagle's newly hatched chick as it grows up.  Fergus becomes just another member of the dazzling community of birds and animals surrounding the harpy nest and develops an unexpectedly close bond with the harpy chick.


Producers: Fergus Beeley & Dr. Adrian Seymour
Series Editor: Tim Martin

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