Natural World: The Himalayas

8 pm, BBC 2, 19th August 2010 &;
7:30 pm, BBC HD, 20th August 2010

 (photo copyright BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00tj7j)

The wildlife of the most stunning mountain range in the world, home to Snow leopards, Himalayan wolves and Tibetan bears. Snow leopards stalk their prey among the highest peaks. Concealed by snowfall, the chase is watched by Golden Eagles circling above. On the harsh plains of the Tibetan plateau live extraordinary bears and square-faced foxes hunting small rodents to survive. In this world of extremes, the Himalayas reveal not only snow-capped mountains and fascinating animals but also a vital lifeline for humanity.

Producer: Mark Fletcher
Series Producer: Steve Greenwood
Series Editor: Tim Martin

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