mariposaHD - The First HD Show for the Internet

MariposaHD is the first high definition program made to be distributed directly over the internet. The show can be downloaded for free in either of both HD formats (1080i and 720p). It is also available in the Ipod video format for portable viewing.

The show, which is filmed in and around Buenos Aires, Argentina, is primarily a selection of footage designed to show off the potential of consumer grade HD technology. The four-man crew go around with their camera filming everything from nature hikes, to swimsuit models, to new technology. Often, a URL will be overlaid so that the viewer can find more information about what is being shown.

Distribution of such large (~2 Gigabyte) video files is made possible via Bittorrent technology, which means that every person who downloads becomes an uploader to other downloaders (see my other posts which explains Bittorrent technology futher)

Visit: http://www.mariposaHD.tv/

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