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LIVING WORLD : Autumn and the Bearded Tits
Sunday 10th Dec at 6.35am

In the first of a new series, Lionel Kelleway wades through a great swathe of reeds at Blacktoft Sands, an RSPB reserve on the Humber Estuary in search of reed-loving Bearded Tits. Surrounded by their pinging calls, and with the help of a mist net, the warden and a bird ringer, Lionel enjoys an amazing close-encounter with these spectacular birds.

Presenter Lionel Kelleway
Producer Sarah Blunt

Planet Earth Under Threat
4 of 8 Ice
Monday night at 9pm

As Gabrielle Walker pursues the impacts of climate change on the world’s wildlife, this week she's in the Arctic to see how the melt back of the ice is a sign of things to come, not just for polar wildlife, but thousands of miles away amongst the atoll communities of the Pacific.

Presenter Gabrielle Walker
Produced by Beatrice Fenton

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