Wild Wensleydale: The natural history of a cracking bit of cheese

Sunday 17th December, 5:50-6pm BBC2
A taste of the good life with the surprising natural history of a cracking bit of cheese. Wensleydale is James Herriot country with spectacular Yorkshire scenery and all manner of creatures - great and small. It’s home to the iconic curlew and to rare surprises like sea lampreys and peregrine falcons. There are pretty villages, wonderful waterfalls, rare flowers, wild fells, and even wilder weather. Throughout it all flows one of the purest and most magnificent rivers in the country, the River Ure. But best of all Wensleydale is the keeper of an ancient British recipe, not only for a natural way of life but also for one of the nation’s favourite bits of cheese.


  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I remember this beautiful program; pity that I just saw the last ten minutes of it.

    So, my request is how to get a copy of this?

  2. I have a copy of the programme "wild wensleydale recorded on DVD if anyone is interested, but does anyone know the title of the music that is played in the background throughout most of the programme as it is some of the most soothing music i have heard.