Superstorm: This Sunday

The first episode of Superstorm tx's this Sunday at 9pm on BBC1.

Set in the near future where global warming has led to ever more ferocious hurricanes, this exciting, factually-based drama follows a team of scientists as they embark on a project to investigate ways of diverting and weakening storms. In Episode 1, they are given clearance to fly into a small hurricane and seed it with silver iodide a technique first developed in the USA in 1960's in a government-funded project called Stormfury. However, a dreadful accident occurs just after the seeding takes place when the plane crashes, killing all on board.

The 3 part accompanying documentary 'The Science of Superstorm - The Taming of the Storm' follows straight after this at 10pm on BBC2.

This reveals the extraordinary history of hurricane modification through cloud seeding - the only proven form of weather control - and explores the future possibilities of controlling hurricanes as predicted by some of the world's leading scientists:

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