Toki's Tale (from Big Cat Diary)

Don’t forget to watch tonights Natural World- BBC 2 9pm!

TOKI'S TALE: Simon King returns with a new story about Toki the cheetah. Toki’s search for a new territory and a mate puts him in great danger, but if any cat has nine lives- its Toki!
All details and more information on the series- including exclusive preview clips are on the website:


  1. Anonymous4:33 PM

    i have fallen in love with Toki. he has made me laugh and made me cry. keep on rocking in the real world Toki xxxxxxxx.

  2. i have fallen in love with Toki. he has made me laugh and cry. what an amazing story.

  3. Loved this show. Well done to all involved especially the Man himself TOKI. So glad it was decided to bring him back to the sanctuary for his own good. Does anyone know how Toki is now? Did He get a Girlfriend?

  4. I don't know what Toki is getting upto at the moment but you can have a look on Simon King's website.... Simon usually posts any new info there:

  5. Michael Moore, a young student5:06 PM

    I learned about Toki and his brother Sambu this morning, i have enjoyed learning more about the cheetah that was hand-raised into a wild cheetah and wish to know how the rest of his life is played out