The Natural World: Tiger Kill

Friday 25th January, 20.00, BBC2
2.3M Viewers, 9.7% Audience Share
(Average for time slot: 2.44M, 12%)

Simon King has filmed Africa's big cats for 20 years - but he has never been to India and has never seen a wild tiger. With the catastrophic decline of the world's ultimate big cat, the chance of documenting a tiger making a kill is becoming rarer and rarer. To crack one of Natural History's toughest challenges, Simon teams up with Indian tiger expert Alphonse Roy - who after 17 years in the jungles of India knows his subject intimately. But even Alphonse has not been able to record a successful hunt. By sharing their field craft, technical skills and local knowledge, can Simon and Alphonse manage to record a Tiger Kill, and in doing so, better understand this magnificent but highly endangered species?

Narrated by Simon King
Produced by Harry Marshall
Series Editor - Tim Martin

"[…] Magnificent, illuminating both the life of the tiger, and the staggering, dedication-testing logistical nightmare of capturing it on film." - Daily Mail

"In this visually ravishing film, wildlife cameraman Simon King, with the help of tiger expert Alphonse Roy, sets out to capture an awesome, rarely seen sight on film - a tiger making a kill." - Guardian

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