World on the Move: Mammoth series for Radio 4 coming soon

BBC Radio 4 is to embark on its biggest ever natural history event later this month - a 44-week "high risk" project tracking scores of species of migrating animals. In what BBC executives claim will be Britain's first radio-led multimedia programming event, World on the Move: Great Animal Migrations will cost the network more than £500,000 and will begin charting the progress of hundreds of animals over a 44-week period from February 12th.

World on the Move will be anchored from the studio by former Tomorrow's World host Philippa Forrester. Radio 4 wildlife presenter Brett Westwood will travel the world as the programme follows creatures such as the Alaskan bar-tailed godwit, which migrates from New Zealand to Alaska each year, a journey so long it ends up digesting its own muscles and internal organs.

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