Life in Cold Blood: Armoured Giants more valued than any other programme on TV

Monday 3rd March, 21.00, BBC1
6.1M Viewers, 26% Audience Share
(Average for Monday 21.00 = 5.62M, 23%)
This programme recieved an AI (Audience appreciation Index) of 93 - which is a BBC record.
This shows, out of a hundred, how much the audience valued the programme, and is considered more important than the number of viewers.

Radio Times: Armoured Giants
In tonight's final dispatch from the world of the reptiles one scene stands out. We see a male marine turtle in the throes of what David Attenborough likes to call "making love" or "union" with a female. The mating couple are enjoying an undersea embrace that looks tender and beautiful - until a rival male turns up and starts trying to get in on the act, biting the first male's flippers, swatting him in the head and so on. Then more interlopers arrive and they all try to butt in. The tussle that ensues is astounding - a mixture of brutal and touching. For that matter, so is the moment when an alligator lunges at Sir D, and not forgetting the postscript about the world's loneliest creature, the Pinta Island tortoise, who is about the same age as Attenborough and, perhaps also like him, one of a kind.

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