Three reasons why geek can be Sexy and Cool.

These girls are witty, intelligent, sexy and fun. They are, or were, the presenters of www.Rocketboom.com, my favorite video blog. It was the quirkiness of Amanda Congden which first got me hooked back in 2005, and since Joanne Colan became Anchor in 2006 she has really made it her own. The occasional appearance from Elspeth Rountree, who produces the show, adds greatly to the already eclectic range and style of the daily videos. You just can't appreciate Rocketboom until you've watched for at least two weeks. It might feel strange at first, a little weird, but then you're hooked, and you can't wait until the next episode.

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Ellie Rountree

Co-producer, resident blogger, and occasional host of Rocketboom. Super hot and highly knowledgeable of internets.

Amanda Congdon

From her blog: "Amanda Congdon is the President of Oxmour Entertainment. She is a videoblogger, writer, actress and producer. You can watch and participate in her videoblogs on StarringAmandaCongdon.com... Amanda graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northwestern University with an undergraduate degree in Organizational Communications and later received her graduate degree in videoblogging at Rocketboom.com..."

Joanne Colan

Wikipedia: "With an eye for irony and a comedic slant, she began hosting Rocketboom on July 12, 2006.[1]. She offers amusing and/or informative video clips and web links from a desk in the Rocketboom studio, and has delivered many Rocketboom field reports from the Lincoln Center, Coney Island and other New York locations."

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