Natural World: Man-Eating Tigers of the Sundarbans

BBC 2 and BBC HD 8 pm

Tiger experts in Bangladesh have a problem: how can they encourage local people to protect the beautiful and endangered Bengal Tiger when so many of these animals have developed a taste for human flesh? The Sundarbans forest is one of the biggest tracts of mangrove forest left in the world. It’s rich in wildlife and provides important forest resources for communities living around its edge. But up to 50 people are killed by tigers each year and now the boldest animals are sneaking into villages at night. This gripping film reveals the tension and heartache of living so close to a killer cat and follows the bold attempt by one village to teach street dogs to scare away the rogue tiger on their doorstep.
Watch a behind the scenes clip Barnaby Goes Bangla about the composers visit to Dhaka.

Film Credits
Produced & directed by INGRID KVALE; photography CHRIS OPENSHAW TANJILUR RAHMAN; additional photography PETER PILAFIAN; camera assistants KHAIRUL ISLAM, RAJESH KUMAR; sound by SEAN MILLAR ERIC BURGE; film editor: STEVE WHITE; music by BARNABY TAYLOR; Colourist & online editor CHRISTIAN SHORT; dubbing editor GEORGE FRY; dubbing mixer GRAHAM WILD; graphic design ALISA ROBBINS & CARL CHITTENDEN; script consultant SUE WESTERN; pta JO AVERY; research CHRISTINA HOLVEY DINA MUFTI; logging NICK COCKAYNE; production co-ordinator MARIE-ANNE HENDRY; Associate producer DAN REES; production manager DI WILLIAMS; series editor TIM MARTIN.

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