Presenter Interview: Nick Baker

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Nick is a broadcaster, author, naturalist, zoologist and has presented 'The Really Wild Show' for around ten years. He gets involved in field work, supporting conservation projects and is trying to build a zoo. Along with some of his many creatures Nick was also involved in the selection process for 'Serious Jungle'. Here he talks about his own love of wildlife, explains how he became a nature reporter and gives some advice to young explorers, like those who will go to the Andes, before they face the camera for the first time.

Q. Did you keep lots of pets when you were young?
I kept them in a cage with one of my mum's old stockings stretched over the top of it. We went away on holiday and the stockings laddered.
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Q. Now that you are 'grown-up', a well known naturalist and broadcaster, do you still keep pets?
I've got 3 tanks of frogs ... a turtle in the kitchen ... a spare bedroom full of snakes ... plus about 80 tarantulas, various scorpions ... (and much more).
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Q. How did you become a wildlife presenter?
I was chasing butterflies around down here in Devon ... and at the same time I was setting up a club for kids called the 'Bug Club'.
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Q. What advice can you give the young adventurers before they face the cameras in Serious Andes as reporters?
When you look at a camera you've got to forget about the fact that it could be broadcast to millions of people ... have a one-sided conversation with a pepperpot!
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