Born Survivor: Bear Grylls

Saturday 3rd March, 7:00pm - 8:00pm Channel 4,
1.4 million viewers, 6.6%Audience Share
1/8 - Costa Rica

Bear Grylls is a man on a mission. "I AM GOING," thunders the curiously named explorer, sitting in a helicopter above some trees in Costa Rica, "TO SHOW YOU THE SKILLS YOU NEED TO SURVIVE HERE." It's a generous offer, even if the chances of ever finding ourselves stranded in some remote Central American rainforest - thus needing to know how to use a tropical vine to abseil down a waterfall - are roughly equal to those of finding a unicorn in the pocket of one's pyjamas. Still, Grylls's enthusiasm is infectious, and soon the former special forces soldier is hacking his way through foliage, wriggling up trees and throwing up outside his self-made "leaf tent" after catching a tummy bug. It's an exhilarating trek - the first of an eight-part series - that will have you cheering his every wheeze.

RT reviewer - Sarah Dempster

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