Lemur Island

Wednesday 7th March, Channel 5, 7:15pm - 8:00 pm
307,000, 1.75% Audience Share

Radio Times
Lemurs are a rum bunch. While other species can be defined by a recognisable personality (the cheeky monkey, the apathetic sloth, the dyspeptic gnu etc), the lemur is a bag of behavioural ticks. As this charming new ten-part series makes clear, there's no such thing as the average lemur. There are shy ones, aggressive ones, gleeful ones and ones that think nothing of tucking into an abandoned straw hat. Others are so supercilious you wouldn't be surprised to find them in a gentlemen's club, lamenting the lost Empire with a retired colonel from Oxfordshire. In this delightfully sweet-natured opener, we follow rival groups of these small, hairy eccentrics as they go about their small, hairy, eccentric lives on the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar. RT reviewer - Sarah Dempster

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