The Elephant's Guide to Sex

Tues 20th March 2007
9:00pm - 9:50pm BBC2
1.4 million, 6.1% Audience Share

MASTURBATING an elephant in the cause of science isn’t an easy job – just ask wildlife expert Dr Thomas Hildebrandt. Dr Hildebrandt, a world expert on elephant and rhino reproduction demonstrates how it should be done in BBC2’s Horizon: The Elephant’s Guide To Sex screened on March 20. In the programme, he bids to help elephants Jackson and Christy – who lives in US zoos 1,200 miles apart – to produce a baby.

2/9 - From the RadioTimes: The Earth is facing the biggest mass extinction since the dinosaurs were wiped out. Throughout evolution 99 percent of all species which ever existed have disappeared. However the rates of extinction are now 10,000 times the natural rate. Coming to the rescue are men like Dr Thomas Hildebrandt and his team. This programme follows the pioneers of hands-on animal reproduction as they use cutting-edge science to preserve our planet's fauna for future generations.

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