Human Footprint

C4, Thurs 26th April, 21.00
1.7 million, 8.4% Audience Share

"The implication was clear: we're a lazy, wasteful lot. This may well be true, but since we'd just seen a lifetime's worth of eggs (13,345) being smashed up in front of two surprised-looking children, it seemed a bit rich to bang on about waste."
The Telegraph

"Both arty and farty, this was a wonderfully lyrical film from producer-director Nick Watts."
The Observer

"The Art Department visibly enjoyed themselves, releasing rubber ducks on a lake (we take 7,163 baths), building sand castles (we take 59 foreign holidays) and hanging balloons full of tears on a weeping willow (we weep 61.5l)."
The Guardian

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