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For thousands of years dogs have been much more important as working partners than pets, whether it was for hunting, guarding, herding or retrieving. And it’s these finely tuned instincts that often turn dogs into problem pets. This film follows two dogs from working breeds, a bloodhound called Holly and a bearded collie called Herbie, both languishing in rescue homes because of their uncontrollable behaviour and facing uncertain futures. In a unique experiment we take on both dogs and see if professional trainers can put them back to work in the jobs for which they were bred - sniffing out criminals and herding sheep, and in doing so give both animals the second chance they deserve.
Holly & Herbie… Take it away!!….

From RadioTimes: Aw, tonight's edition, The Bloodhound and the Beardie, is such a sweet film, it's guaranteed to warm your cockles and bring a soppy smile to your face. The bloodhound and the beardie (bearded collie) of the title are Holly and Herbie, two problem dogs who've both been left at rescue shelters: Holly because she's destructive and chews everything, and Herbie because he's a sheepdog who terrorises sheep. In an effort to bring them into line with a few firm rules of good behaviour and some brisk job coaching, two kindly but no-nonsense trainers take them on. Holly heads to Larry in West Virginia, while Herbie is off to Barbara on her North Yorkshire farm. Yes, you're right, this is another TV dog-training show, but at least this pair are being taught to do useful jobs - particularly Holly, who has the potential to be a valuable scent-dog for the US police, if only she can conquer her fear of loud noises. There's no point being a top-notch tracker dog if she leaps in fear at the sound of a gun. As for the endearingly barmy Herbie, he gets a haircut but remains, in his heart, a rebel. RT reviewer - Alison Graham

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