Natural World: Invasion of the Crocodiles

BBC2, Wednesday 9th May, 21.00 - 21.50
1.9 Million, 7.6% Audience Share

Radio Times:
Biologist Adam Britton is no Steve Irwin but, in his own low-key way, he's just as passionate about crocodiles. So he's quite excited about the vast numbers of saltwater crocs that have spread through the billabongs, rivers and beaches of northern Australia, killing cattle and taking lumps out of humans. Three hundred deadly crocodiles had to be removed from Darwin's harbour last year, so the local residents are a bit agitated, too. But Britton is more interested in finding out why the crocs are moving about so much than simply removing them. So, with the aid of satellite transmitters (that look like a beat-up beret plonked on the croc's back), he monitors them. It turns out these creatures can swim long distances surprisingly quickly - and can get snappy if you mess with them.

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