Dodeca Camera: 360 Immersive Video

This is incredible! Dodeca 11 lensed camera to generate 360 immersive media.
If you want your audience to feel as though they are on location with you then check this out. It provides true 360 immersive video - panning within live action footage.
See the demonstration video for Humpback Whales, it blew me away. Other demo's here: http://demos.immersivemedia.com/
Imagine having this camera on a jeep while filming Big Cats, out filming Killer Whales hunting or placed amongst a badger set at night.

Also see their Geoimmersive Ruotes being produced in association with Google Maps: http://demos.immersivemedia.com/onlinecities/

The UK Supplier is TX Immersive Ltd who currently have 4 cameras in the UK.

They also have another company called Transmission TX who have worked with remote live feedback, e,g, from cameras attached to Sherpas on Everest.

Each Dodeca camera outputs high res jpegs at 480 lines, when the images are blended together it can create an image of 1100 lines which I am informed equates to 1080i HD.
The frame rate can be adjusted to create timelapse or slomo.

It has a live output but it does require blending time before immersive interaction. This could be done on a laptop in the field. The current base station records upto 6 hours of material at one time.

The dodeca camera can be worn and steadycams and stabalisers are available.
You can also operate it remotely - e.g. setup in the middle of a seal or penguin colony and record and operate from a kilometer away.

Camera costs 80,000 pounds to buy so you might be best to dry hire - after a two week training course, (or wet hire with a trained user)

Currently working on Flash in aticipation of Flash 10 released next year.
Phil Windley has some kit for getting live and store and foward media back from the field.

There are plugins available for the Open TV (Sky) platform, which would allow playback and control of immersive 360 degree video on the current generation of Sky Plus and HD boxes.
Base unit is 10-15 kilograms
Also need to take recorder unit in a backpack.

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