Earth: The Power of The Planet

Tuesday 27th November 21.00
2.4M viewers, 9.7% Audience Share
(Slot Average for Tues 21.00 - 21.30 = 2.16M viewers, 9% Audience Share)

Radio Times:
2/5 - Atmosphere
Dr Iain Stewart's hyped-up, over-enthusiastic delivery could be a turn-off if the visuals in this series didn't deliver everything he promises so loudly. "Tornados are like giant whirlpools!" he gasps dramatically. But the remark is accompanied by amazing footage that confirms just that. Then: "We live at the bottom of an ocean of air!" But who'd disagree after seeing the shots of clouds swirling over the Earth's surface like waves breaking on the shore? The globetrotting Stewart is examining the Earth's atmosphere - how it shapes our planet, creates our weather and what its relationship with life is. It's breathtaking, racing from one sensational sequence to another. You simply won't believe the acrobatics of an "air surfer", the spectacular lightning show in Argentina and the pillar of flame shooting up out of a frozen Siberian lake (it's fuelled by trapped methane gas, in case you were wondering).

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