A Virtual Woodland - The Future of TV online?

Sophie Stafford posted a link on the Love Earth Blog to a fantastic little website site this morning - http://www.upmforestlife.com/

This website is brilliant - a televisual experience online, exactly where television is heading - interactive storylines with the viewer controlling the stories path. Interesting, informative, pretty, and with lots of clickability and flashy bits!

Sophie Stafford writes:
"You follow a path through a tranquil Finnish forest, complete with bogs, brooks and glades, and each new vista is strewn with little 'species stars'. These bring up information boxes on the animals and plants living in the forest, many of which also play calls. Some species even have videos clips, so you can watch red fox cubs playing, silver-studded blue butterflies sipping from a puddle, as well as majestic elk.If you fancy a spot of virtual birdwatching, you can enjoy dunnocks and willow warblers singing, experience the common crane's noisy display, and catch a glimpse of a black woodpecker or Tengmalm's owl.The forest is managed for both biodiversity and wood products, and you can learn a lot about sustainable tree management as you continue your exploration, including thinning, harvesting and transport to the mill.It’s good to know that all the paper for Radio Times comes from this wonderful woodland."

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