Doovling, the BBC & non-linear video navigation

I was recently sent an experimental mock up of a huge Collection of Natural History content made navigatable through something called Doovle, produced by Green Cathedral PLC.

I was interested in Doovle from a "Life" perspective (which is the series I am currently working on) and whether it was a way that we could split our 10 hours of broadcast programme content. When I use Doovle it really changes my viewing, and makes it completely non-linear. I was looking into Caterpillars recently for example and so just watched all the clips featuring caterpillars, pulled out from many different programmes to create a self-assembled "Life of the Caterpillar" - genius.

Green Cathedral has already officially Doovled the 1966 World Cup. Fawlty Towers and Blackadder which can be seen here. I enjoyed searching for words such as "Scrotum" "Turnip" and "Cunning".

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