Wild China: Coming Soon

Wild China will be going out on BBC2 - Sunday, May 11th at 9pm.

This promises to be an eye opening insight into the large and enchanting land. I've seen the first programme and it really blew me away. The style felt fresh, a blend of obs docs and traditional blue chip, flowing melodically to take you on journey through the diverse landscapes of China. It kept me completely enthralled and captivated through the whole 50minutes - I never looked at my watch once.

This is a land of unbelievable natural complexity from the glittering peaks of the Himalayas to the barren steppe, the sub-Arctic to the tropical islands, through deserts both searingly hot and mind-numbingly cold and see, in pioneering images, a dazzling array of mysterious, beautiful, wild and rare creatures.

I can't wait to see the rest of the series.

P1 - Heart of the Dragon (produced by Phil Chapman) -Sunday 11th May
an introduction to the diversity of China's natural history

P2 - Shang-ri La (produced by Kathryn Jeffs) - Sunday 18th May
Yunnan province harbours bizarre creatures such as dwarf alligators and giant salamanders

P3 - Tibet (produced by Gavin Maxwell) - Sunday 25th May
life at the extremes in the high Himalayas and on the Tibetan plateau

P4 - Beyond the Great Wall (produced by George Chan) - Sunday 1st June
The eastern part of China's vast interior is the beating heart of the country

P5 - Land of the Panda (produced by Gavin Maxwell) - Sunday 8th June
the bamboo forests and hills of central China, home to the giant panda

P6 - Tides of Change (produced by Charlotte Scott) - Sunday 15th June
wildlife along the shores of the South China Sea must share their world with 600 million people

It has been mentioned by the schedulers that the time may change to 8pm so keep an eye out in the tv guides but hopefully it will stay at 9pm.


  1. tabman10:43 AM

    Where can I view this documentary online ?

  2. here you go.