Louis Theroux's African Hunting Holiday

Sunday 06 April 9:00pm - 10:00pm BBC2
Audience: 2.2 Million. 9% Share.

"It's all suddenly gone a bit Ernest Hemingway," murmurs a nervous Theroux as he boards a truck and heads into a South African game farm. Quite what old Hemingway would make of such places is a moot point, as all the farm's animals are bred simply to be "hunted", for pleasure, mostly by rich American men and their lipsticked wives. It seems craven and a cheat - the animals in question (and you can kill what you like, if you are prepared to pay anything up to $50,000 for a rhino) aren't really hunted at all, they just happen to be standing around as people shoot them, often from yards away in specially constructed hides. Theroux professes himself as baffled as doubtless many viewers will feel, asking the "hunters" what possible pleasure they can take in shooting something that's basically been put in front of them. But he meets his match in a game farmer who mounts a passionate defence of the "sport". It's horrible, gripping stuff.

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