Extraordinary Animals in the Womb

Channel 4 Monday 20 October 9pm

Three new programmes using ground-breaking photography which explore the very beginnings of animal life inside the womb. Building on the remarkable photography used in an earlier programme about mammals in the womb, Extraordinary Animals in the Womb shows us embryonic sharks cannibalising their brothers in the womb; stunning photography inside the pouch of a kangaroo; and the harsh beginnings of life as an Emperor Penguin. Then, in the two Animals in the Womb programmes we see, through the use of visual effects, CGI, state-of-the-art models and moving 4D ultrasounds, our household pets and their wilder cousins – the lion and wolf – from fertilisation to birth.


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  1. Alex Smith5:36 AM

    Incredible film - some of the images looked a bit fake but otherwise I really enjoyed it. It showed me something that I don't think I have really thought about before. Cheers. Alex