Fossil Detectives coming to BBC 2

Fossil Detectives has been so succesful on BBC 4 that it is now getting a high profile second run on BBC Two starting at 7pm on Friday 24th October 2008.

'Hermione Cockburn breathes life into British fossils, stirring up the sediment of palaeontology to take us on an exciting whirlwind journey of discovery."

You can now buy the book which accompanies this series.
Release the fossil detective in you and join the experts, presenter Hermione Cockburn and renowned palaeontologist Douglas Palmer, as they set out to tell the best fossil stories from around the country, travelling through time to unlock the puzzling secrets of ancient life in Britain.
When and why were dinosaur fossils first discovered in Britain?
How was the biggest fish ever to have swum in the sea
unearthed near Peterborough?
Since the appearance of primitive organisms in these islands more than a billion years ago, Britain has been transformed as oceans, deserts, swamps and vast mountains have come and gone. Fossils hold the key to discovering these lost worlds, to understanding the dinosaurs as well as other long-extinct plants and animals. Fossils can provide the answers to tantalising questions about Britain’s prehistoric past and inspire the explorer in all of us. Fossil Detectives is an accessible, indispensable guide for curious minds and fossil enthusiasts alike.

Accompanying the BBC2 TV series from the award-winning BBC Natural History Unit, Fossil Detectives is packed with over 150 vivid colour images, including striking photographs and stunning illustrations, and provides an in-depth look at the most exciting fossil stories from history as well as cutting edge modern day science. It also includes an extensive regional gazetteer of fossil-hunting locations and places to visit, and practical guidance on how to identify your fossil finds. It is a wonderful title for all the family to enjoy.

So take a journey back in time to prehistoric Britain and discover a whole new country and history.

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