Wilderness Explored: Congo

Wednesday 22nd October
BBC 4 at 9pm
The first Europeans to penetrate the vast forests of central Africa encountered an exuberance of animals, plants and minerals. Their accounts created a sensation back in their own countries, none more so than that of the gorilla, yet has this abundance of wildlife and resources been at the expense of the region's indigenous populations?
Sunday Times - 'This fine series concludes with a penetrating foray into the history, land and lore of the Congo basin'
The Daily Mail - This final part of what has been an entrancing documentary series
Radio Times - 'Beautifully filmed and meticulously researched'
The Daily Telegraph - This evocative series concludes with
The Independent - This fascinating series end with
The Times - In the final episode of this evocative series

The Observer - Pick of the Day 'This illuminating programme'

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