Dinosaurs in Colorado

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I'm currently in Colorado working at Red Rocks and Dinosaur Ridge to film some dino sequences for "Life in Cold Blood". I am in my element and have always wanted to visit these world class palaeontological sites - trips like these certainly help to make all the time in the office feel worthwhile. I can't reveal the details of the shoot (you'll have to wait till we broadcast in 2008), but it includes a CGI T-rex and some new research relating to how it grew. We will also be filming the famous Iguanodon tracksite, as well as discussing some of the evidence which suggest that Dinosaurs were ectothermic, or at least giant homeotherms. The locations are wonderful, the weather is really hot and sunny (100f) and the people really helpful - we have had lots of support from Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Centre, especially Martin Lockley (leading palaeontologist, particularly in palaeoichnology - fossil footprints) and Jo Tempel, Director of Dino Ridge.

Me at the Dinosaur Ridge, Iguanodon Trackway

David Attenborough will be arriving tomorrow for two days filming with us, before he continues to several other locations in the USA. I only hope that everything runs smoothly and that all my research and work on these sequences leaves us with something to be proud of, and something even better than Miles (the series producer) is expecting.

Filming our T-rex sequence at Red Rocks park

Palaeontology is David Attenboroughs favourite subject and so i'm sure that as usual he'll be wanting to ask me lots of questions - I had better learn as much as I can before he get's here! I hope he loves this place as much as I do.

Red Rocks Park is part of the Rocky Mountains and includes some spectacular exposures of red sandstone. It's a really evocative landscape in which you can't help but to cunjour up images of giant therapods roaming the gorges.

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