FORscene: Web Based Ingesting and Editing

A few weeks ago I was filming in Canada and I had some lovely footage of turtles that I wanted my producer to see and comment on.

Rather than digitising from the DV cam, we were using the new panasonic P2 format, which records video directly onto memory cards, so I could import the media directly into Final Cut Pro on my laptop. I exported this as quick time files and sent these via www.yousendit.com and posted some to our FTP server.

I thought this was a really good system but I have now found something which would allow me to take this to the next level: FORScene.

Recently Forbidden Technologies came to Bristol to demonstrate their FORscene service, which has already been used by BBC teams.

FORscene allows you to upload DV content directly into a FORscene account via Firewire. Once uploaded you can edit and browse content using a simple web-based interface. Using your username and password you can view content anytime, from anywhere in the world.

What helps make this service even better is that edited video can be published simply and easily in a web page or mobile phone (you can download Forbidden's FORmobile player for free).

Above: The ForScene Web-based edit interface

I was impressed with the system and can see its potential for allowing teams who are on seperate continents to work together more efficiently. For example, we could have a team in Australia ingesting their rushes into the system during their day time, so when we woke up in the UK they would be on the FORscene servers ready for us to use. You could also send a clip to your producer who is somewhere else in the world to get his approval! Magic!

An Example:The British Army has sent a team to Nepal to attempt the summit of Mount Everest via the treacherous West Ridge.

Forbidden's FORscene post production tool has been chosen to provide mobile updates of the expedition. Viewers can catch up with the highs and lows of the summit attempt by downloading a branded player from the expedition website to their mobile handset, and will get a text message alert whenever another video is ready for download.

"This project with the British Army further demonstrates the versatility of Forbidden's FORscene platform for mobile publishing," said Stephen Streater CEO of Forbidden Technologies. "This expedition is an amazing feat for the Army, and publishing video updates onto people's mobile phones is a great way to publicise the event."

Have a go yourself: http://www.armyoneverest.mod.uk/Mobile/

To find out more about FORscene email: sales@forbidden.co.uk

- Paul Williams

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