Breaking out of the box: A rough guide to Multiplatform and what it can do for you.

If anyone is planning on visiting Wildscreen 2008. I am running a workshop called Breaking out of the box: A rough guide to Multiplatform and what it can do for you.

'Battle of the Kruger' and 'Springwatch'. One is a shakey homemade video that became an instant hit when it was posted to YouTube just over a year ago and has since been viewed 36 million times, the other is a core multiplatform production from the BBC. One required nothing more than a fortunate moment and a cheap camcorder, the other cost millions and took months of careful planning and preparation. Both are a huge success in their own right and reveal a thirst for natural history content online in all its guises, and in a world where anyone can be a player.

From 'World on the Move' to 'Big Cat Live' TV, Radio and web are colliding, leading the way to a multiplatform future from which no producer can escape. This workshop aims to introduce you to the wonderful world of Web2.0, a world where you can put anything anywhere at anytime to create a truly unique and individual web experience.

Get to grips with the basics, understand some of the key tools readily available on the web, create a blog, upload video, geotag content and learn what RSS is and how to make it a powerful ally taking your content directly to the audience.

If you thought Multiplatform was a term used to describe Paddington Station then think again.

The workshop will be hosted by Paul Williams BBC NHU and colleagues from BBC Multiplatform and World on the Move.

Tutor: Paul Williams and colleagues
Venue: Marriott Royal Hotel

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  1. Casandra6:43 PM

    Hi Paul... I'm really looking forward to your workshop. I was at your multiplatform session at the last Wildscreen and it was fantastic - so revealing. See you on Monday. Cassie.