Jimmy and the Wild Honey Hunters

This Sunday on BBC 1 at 8pm
Jimmy Doherty, of “Jimmy’s Farm” and “Jimmy’s Farming Hero’s”, is a pig farmer from Suffolk, and a keen amateur naturalist with a passion for bees and honey. He keeps bees and has always been blown away by the sheer variety of honey flavours, appreciating a good honey like others enjoy a fine wine. So when he heard about an ancient group of people in Nepal who are willing to risk their lives to taste their local honey – he knew he wanted to share the experience. As a “honey hunter” Jimmy must scale a massive cliff home to more than two million giant bees. Dangling 200ft up he must take away the bees honey. The risks are extreme, but if successful the reward is not only to find out more about these amazing bees, but to taste one of nature’s finest bounties – beautiful wild honey.
Producer: Roger Webb
Series Editor: Tim Martin

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  1. Omani Honey
    1:11 PM
    wonderful story and such an incredible effort to get the honey. We trekked through the mountains of Dhofar Oman to get wild honey and it was simply magical but hardly the extraordinary effort of dangling 100s of feet in the air.