Natural World: A Turtle's Guide to the Pacific

Tonight 8pm on BBC 2
This beautiful programme follows a loggerhead turtle as she journeys across the Pacific. On the way she meets dolphins and whales, sharks and giant squids, typhoons and fishermen. She swims over deep canyons, and uses underwater mountain tops like motorway service stations. Blue whales thunder by like juggernauts, and sharks dance a beautiful midnight ballet around her. Pacific means peaceful, but it is clearly not. One minute she is underfire from marlin, the next swimming over a coral reef, with crocodiles as well as sharks. This is a unique and wonderful adventure, and has many surprises, not least the ending.
Produced & Edited by Mark Fletcher
Series Editor Tim Martin


  1. Victoria4:09 PM

    I have just watched the amazing programme and was really upset at the end when the turtle got all the way to Japan laid it's eggs and then was caught in a trawler - does anyone know if that is true? because it is soooo cruel

  2. Does anyone know the locations that were used for the filming, Particularly the Silky Shark Sequence, The White Tip Shark Sequence and The dolphins hunting with the Yellow Fin Tuna