Fossil Detectives doing well on BBC4

Fossil Detectives is doing brilliantly with an audience of 158,000 which for BBC FOUR at 19.30 is pretty good. As a big sign of recognition it's already had three really positive previews/Pick of the Days.
Below are the highlights...

For the first programme:
“The Beeb’s doing well at inventing telegenic young female science presenters… she’s endearingly enthusiastic especially as she gets to interview telly wildlife God Sir David Attenborough.”
This entertaining new 8 part series follows the scientist ( and regular Adam Hart-Davis cohort) Hermione Cockburn and her team as they tour the UK…..
For this weeks’ second programme...
“More dinosaurs in the second in this well-made 8-part series… and you can see David Attenborough get all misty eyed as he caresses the vertebrae of a long-lost Diplodocus.”
Visit the website for more fascinating information on the world of Palaeontology, and to hear more "Favourite Fossil Stories"

Click below to hear Prof Richard Fortey describe his favourite fossil


  1. I have to say I'm not a huge fan of th presenter. I think you'd do a much better job: She's too wet.

    The programme's fantastic though! It's really easy to watch despite being all about dead things! Very cleverly put together. Congrats on your work =)

  2. Charlie12:40 PM

    Wait a sec... fossilized footprints?
    The clearest reason they gave for them being fossilized was that they're bigger than normal. My footprints in the sand get bigger when the sea swills around in them too!
    They looked so stupid for a bit there!

    The presenter has a permanent expression of stupid surprise and glee. It's really annoying.