Lambing Live with Kate Humble

Starts March 7th, 8pm, BBC2

Springtime in Britain brings lambing season. It’s the biggest event in the farming calendar and, this year, BBC TWO will be there for every long night in the lambing shed. From young ewes lambing for the first time, to orphans who’ve lost, or been rejected, by their mothers. From the farmer’s hard graft and determination, to the glimmer of hope as a hypothermic lamb is nursed back to health – this is Lambing Live.

Over five nights in March, Kate Humble will be following this life and death drama as it unfolds on a 900 ewe sheep farm in South Wales. She’ll be joined by Countryfile presenter and farmer, Adam Henson, and the family who’ve been running this farm for generations, the Beavans. But this story doesn’t start in Spring. Since September, Kate’s been apprenticed to the Beavan family, grappling with the fundamentals of being a shepherdess. She’s been learning how to pick the best ram, how to raddle, how to trim feet and tails – next up will be her very first lambing in February.

In March Kate will have to put her newfound skills into practice but, until then, there’s still a lot to learn……

How many lambs will be born? How many will survive? Watch and find out from Sunday 7th March on BBC TWO. And check the webpage for regular updates on the Lambing Live sheep as well as Kate’s trials as a shepherdess.

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