VIDEO: Watched by a protective elephant & calf, South India

From www.ironammonite.com

Shortly before our BIG elephant encounter (See: July 2009 - King of the Road Elephant Encounter video coming soon) Kalyan and I met a mother and calf in the forest - although she kept an keen eye on us it was a much tamer experience which allowed us to discuss these wonderful animals - and move on before she became too stressed by our presence.

This was filmed at Biligirirangan Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka.

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  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Excellent work chaps.

  2. Hi Paul!
    Nice pictures. I keep your travels via Twitter, Facebook. I envy your travels around the world. Thanks for sharing your work with other people who can not travel.
    A greeting
    IrukAsturias and Marisa

  3. Nice video there.Showing some classic elephant behaviour. TFS :)

  4. CatherineHoo6:39 AM

    Another great Video from you & Kalyan. If you need an assistant with your adventures let me know!