Museum of Life

'Museum of Life' starts 18th March 8pm on BBC2.
Jimmy Doherty goes behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum to join the people who are uncovering secrets, solving mysteries and making discoveries among the historic collections
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Noah's Ark in Kensington

(Reposted from Paul Williams http://www.ironammonite.com/)

While I'm pushing this promising new series I want to also tell you about a discovery that I made in the BBC archives. In 1970 the BBC produced an episode of Horizon called 'Noah's Ark in Kensington' - you could say that it's a version of tonight's programme from an age gone by. A charming film with a faded sepia look that gives it an air of being produced in World War II. The people who feature in it are lovable parodies of the eccentric British upper-class scientist. Here's a few screenshots...

The 1970s Natural History Museum security lining up for inspection by the 'Major' in the morning. http://twitpic.com/18zh3e

Where's the Diplodocus? According to Richard Fortey it was moved from the reptile gallery, now the Dinosaur Hall, to be the centrepiece of the main hall in 1979. http://twitpic.com/18ziov

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