Nigel Marven's Shark Island

(1/5) Monday October 15th, 19.15, C5
0.7M viewers, 3.1% Audience Share

Radio Times:
Naturalist Nigel Marven travels to Cocos, a remote, spectacular Pacific atoll that inspired Stevenson's classic 'Treasure Island' and is rumoured to be the location of buried pirate gold. It also holds another secret: it is home to more sharks than any other place on Earth, including hammerheads that converge there in huge numbers. Nigel Marven is determined to find out why.

TV Throng:
Returning to Five for a brand new series of natural-history adventures, wildlife expert Nigel Marven heads off to an uninhabited Pacific island where it is said that there are more sharks than anywhere else on earth.

Intrigued by these top predators since he was a child, Nigel travels to Cocos Island –an atoll near the coast of Costa Rica –where he has four weeks to discover why there is such a great concentration of sharks in the area. To do so, he employs a dive boat with a specialist crew and a selection of equipment, including a state-of-the-art miniature submarine which can go 400 metres down for up to four hours – and will open up a whole new world to Nigel on his adventures.

Nigel is particularly interested in the mysterious hammerhead sharks that come to Cocos in great numbers, and is fascinated by the diversity of sharks around the island. In attempting to unravel the mysteries of Shark Island, Nigel has numerous close encounters with other animals above and below the surface, including the unique Cocos goby – a tiny fish that has evolved to live in freshwater and climb the island’s vast waterfalls to reach a utopia free of predators and competition.

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