Showdown in Elktown

Winner: Best Short Programme in Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2007
Tx February 11th 2007
2.8M viewers, 8.3% Audience Share

A very light hearted look at what happens when elk take over the small town of Mammoth in the heart of Yellowstone during the annual rut. Narrated by comic Steve Punt with as many western one-liners as we could fit in there!

Photo: Neil Nightingale, head of the BBC Natural History Unit, at Jackson Hole Film Festival 2007.

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  1. Anonymous11:28 PM

    The bull elk featured in the movie was known as #6 because of the tag on his ear they use to mark the aggressive elk. Well he recently met his untimely demise and died this past week. It is nice that he will live on in this great film. He will missed by all us folks in Mammoth who were always rooting for the elk not the tourist